Welcome to My New Followers

I wanted to send a quick welcome to my new visitors and followers and share a bit about myself and my services.

My name is Karen Owens and I am an independent travel agent with Destinations to Explore.  I have been with the agency for three years.  I am a certified Disney Travel Agent (even graduated from the Disney College of Knowledge) and can help you in planning and booking Disney World, Disneyland, Disney Cruise, and Adventure by Disney Vacation.

Disney is not the only planning and booking I can offer though.  I am also certified for Universal Studios, Sea World, Hawaii, and any destination you want to travel.  I can assist with full vacation packages, air only, hotel rooms, and tickets to different experiences for your final destination.

I also offer my services at no additional cost to you.  My fees are included in your package price.  I will also provide you a number of options to ensure you have the best deal for your trip!

Follow me on social media for all of my deals:

Facebook – http://www.facebook/travelkaren

Twitter – @karendte

Instagram – travelkarendte

E-mail – travelkaren@comcast.net

Please let me know how I can help you with your travel needs!


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